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Edge Bant Granulator Machine

It is used in plastic sheet production line.
It allows the scrap from two sides of the plate to be granulated without being handled.
The material is transferred to the crushing chamber by the rollers placed on the crushing machine.It’s the motor inverter that drives the winches.
It works in line with the progress of plastic sheet line.Especially the maintenance and cleaning process is very easy.
The opening of the machines is done manually.High capacity is achieved with respect to the rotor design.
To reduce noise, the machine can be equipped with integrated sound isolation.
Operating costs and hourly energy costs are at the lowest level.Precautions have been taken to ensure operator safety during operation and maintenance.

MODEL NO EBGM 30/28 EBGM 40/36
Rotor Çapı (mm)
Rotor Diameter (mm)
Ø 280 Ø 360
Kapasite (kg/h)
Capacity (kg/h)
80-110 150-250
Motor Gücü (kw)
Motor Power (kw)
7,5 11-15

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