Yedek Parça Sipariş Formu


  • Heavy duty crushing machines are well suited for everyday applications in the plastics processing industry.
  • Ideal for breaking large parts, injection products, blow molding products, thermoform shrinks and coils.Its compact structure makes it easy to access.
  • Cleaning is very easy in color changes and material changes.
  • High capacity is achieved by the special rotor construction.
  • The bearings are separated from the crushing zone by the bearings placed outside.
  • At this point no dust can penetrate into the bearings and grease will not enter The body and sieve are opened with a hydraulic cylinder.
  • Transportation and replacement of blades and screens are done in a short time.
MODEL NO TKGM 60/50 TKGM 80/50
Besleme Ağzı (mm)
Feed Opening (mm)
570×550 770×700
Rotor Çapı (mm)
Rotor Diameter (mm)
Ø 500 Ø 500
Kapasite (kg/h)
Capacity (kg/h)
400-600 600-800
Motor Gücü (kw)
Motor Power (kw)
55 75-90

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