Yedek Parça Sipariş Formu

Mobile General Purpose Granulator Machine

  • Injection products, small inflating products, thin profile and pipes are produced to break the machine.
  • Especially the maintenance and cleaning process is very easy.The opening of the machines is done manually.
  • With its wheels,it is easy to move.
  • High capacity is achieved with respect to the rotor design.
  • The 3 blade rotor achieves the best grip and provides high-capacity output.
  • To reduce noise, the machine can be equipped with integrated sound isolation Operating costs and hourly energy costs are at the lowest level.
  • Precautions have been taken to ensure operator safety during operation and maintenance.
MODEL NO MSGM 30/28 MSGM 40/36 MSGM 50/36
Besleme Ağzı (mm)
Feed Opening (mm)
270×300 370×400 470×400
Rotor Çapı (mm)
Rotor Diameter (mm)
Ø 280 Ø 360 Ø 360
Kapasite (kg/h)
Capacity (kg/h)
75-100 150-250 200-250
Motor Gücü (kw)
Motor Power (kw)
7,5 11-15 15-18,5


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